Good bye Stalin!

Good bye Stalin! – Resistance in East-Germany 1945 – 90

The revolution of 1989 swept away a dictatorship that labeled itself as a workers and peasant state. However what this tour wants to show is that it wasn´t the idea of socialism that failed but a model that was taken over from stalinist Russia – a small ruling elite of party leaders controlling politics, economy and cultural life.

Lets have a look at the moments in which their power was challenged by regular people and why it took over 40 years to bring down these self-proclaimed leaders.

Topics to be covered on the tour are: The foundation of the Communist Party (SED) 1946 and the abolition of democracy from below; 17th of June 1953 – the first uprising against stalinism; The building of the wall 1961 – forward into agony; The oppression against writers and beat music and why there was no 68 in East Germany; 1973 Worldyouthfestival – the East German Woodstock; Too much future! – youth culture and youth resistance; 1989 – How 2000 dissidents turned into millions of demonstrators; 1990 – the squattre movement and the new realities of real existing capitalism.

meeting point: train station Friedrichstraße, square on northern side, in front of the jeans store

For this tour you need a public transport ticket.

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