“This refreshing and original tour of Berlin is in the spirit of Howard Zinn’s People’s History.  It invites us to view historical events from the standpoint of those who challenged the status quo and fought for a more just society.  Win does a good job of bringing the past to light as the group explores some of the most interesting neighborhoods in this fascinating and ever-changing city.”William Gamson, author of “The Strategy of Social Protest”, Boston (USA)

“Win is a very interesting guide, who helps bring alive the complex and conflicted history of Berlin. He illustrates the tour with a large folder of documents and photographs that he displays to very good effect. Highly recommended!” - Colin Barker, social movement researcher, Manchester (England)

“Thank you for the excellent and informative tour. It was different from the usual tourist program, and we appreciated the insights and knowledge you gave us about the ‘other Berlin’, of history and process and social change” – John Bentley Mays, award-winning writer on art and architecture, Toronto (Canada)

“A very good tour. Well-researched and dedicated with the heart to left.”- Olav Fumarola Unsgaard, Gothenburg (Sweden)

“A great tour covering the opposition in East Germany. Those who think revolutions aren’t possible in Germany should definitely join this journey in time that goes back to 1989 and the preceeding decades!” - Ulrike Eifler, trade-union activist, born and raised in East Germany

“Win’s People’s History of Berlin is necessary for anyone who wants to understand the political movements that have rocked Germany and the world in the past two centuries.  Using Berlin landmarks as the stage, Win presents the essential players in a concise and entertaining manner.” – Mark Balhorn and Julie Schneider, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (USA)

“This city tour really brings to life the hidden layers of social history and intense struggles that have shaped modern Berlin, and that often remains hidden for both visitors and inhabitants.” – Magnus Wennerhag, social movement researcher (Sweden)

“Win made two amazing tours with us (Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg). We got a cristal clear image of the historical social processes that shaped this city. Anyone who’s interested in history, anyone who’s committed to social change, should by any means take a tour with Win. After five hours of historical debates with Win I came back home thinking: How come we don’t have a similar tour in our city?” – Guillem Boix, activist Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain)

“A great and erudite tour between Friedrichstraße and Alexanderplatz ! The vivid description of the historical and political context in which Berlin buildings and monuments were erected were an enjoyment for both mind and soul. Win makes the stones speak. If you like Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, you’ll like this tour.”Sylvain Blachon, scientist, Lyon (France)

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