A People’s History of Kreuzberg – From the Red Southeast to the Free Republic

The tour takes us from Hermannplatz / corner of Hasenheide, where in 1890 the first ever May 1st demonstration was staged, to Oranienplatz and the former Berlin Wall strip.

In between, there are many things to be discovered: where did the SPD members (social-democratic party) meet when the party was banned under the Bismarck? What have advertising columns and the construction of canals got to do with the 1848 revolution? Why was Kreuzberg once referred to as the „Red Southeast“ and how did the amalgam of the „Free Republic of Kreuzberg“ emerge? What does underground railway architecture reveal about social inequality? In what ways is the district changing and who does it belong to? And where is the connection between the triumph of the Döner Kebap and the end of Germany’s ‘economic miracle’?

meeting point: Hermannplatz (at the sculpture in the middle of the square)

Duration: 3 hrs

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